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“Helping people to Heal people” 

Help by the high specialization and professionalism from our collaborators, offering a responsible service and assessment with human quality to the medical community and its patients, being the organization that distinguishes for a constant innovation, great dynamism and leadership in the introduction and development of new technologies for the health care.

Who we are?

DDM Group specializes in new biomedical technologies. We grew up quickly in the medical devices distribution, collaborating with high specialty hospitals to offer them always the best products with the best service. We have a national coverage in Mexico and presence in Central America. Our main biomedical technologies are focused in the areas of vascular intervention, spine surgery and high specialty.


· Human Quality.
· Customer satisfaction

  (Physicians and Patients).
· Quality Products.
· Teamwork.
· Responsability.
· Integrity.
· Innovation.
· Service.


DDM Group displays itself as a cornerstone in the health area in Mexico and Latin America, introducing new biomedical technologies and in the design and development of new solutions. Keeping us in the highest levels of competitiveness in the sector through a specialized and responsible service with human quality, by means of an honest, professional, qualified and specially committed in the direct collaboration with the medical community in benefit of the patient’s health personnel.

DDM Group was established in 1989 with the mission of “Helping people to Heal people”, since then we have focused on the introduction of new biomedical technologies in Latin America. Some of them have been:



Diseño y Desarrollo Medico, S.A. de C.V. known as DDM Group, markets and distribute highly specialized medical devices and equipment, providing integrated services to both private and public health sectors, in accordance with the requirements of all of its stakeholders and in compliance of the quality standards in an environment of continuous improvement.

Diseño y Desarrollo Médico S.A. de C.V. has been approved by the standards of ISO 9001:2015




· Prostakath.
· Pharma-blast.
· Biovac.
· Velasmooth (product).
· Syneron, Candela.
· Biometrix (product).

  •  CVIS, Cardiovascular Imaging Systems, now Boston Scientific.

        First IVUS (intra-vascular ultrasound) system in the world.

  • ACS, later Guidant, now Abbott Vascular.

       A leader in coronary interventions with products like the Stent .       

       Multilink or the BMW guidewire.

  • Jomed, now Abbott Vascular.

       An innovator company with products like the Graft Master, covered PTFE stent.

  • IVT,  now Boston Scientific.

       The company that developed the Cutting Balloon.

  • AGA Medical, later St. Jude Medical, now Abbott Vascular.

       Kurt Amplatz original company that developed the Amplatzer occluder for cardiac defects.

  • Radi Medical Systems, later St. Jude Medical, now Abbott Vascular.

       The developers of the FFR system for coronary fractional flow reserve assessment. Endicor, later ev3, later Covidien,         now  Medtronic.
       First coronary trombectomy device, the X-Sizer.

  • MTI & ev3, later Covidien, now Medtronic.

       A full neurovascular portfolio, and landmark products like the Onyx embolic system.

  • Hearth Technologies, now Boston Scientific.

       Creators of the Rotablator atherectomy system.

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