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Accessories and hemostasis

Radial Artery Compresión Device

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ZEPHRY is a compresion device intended to help hemostasis after a transradial procedure, due to its balloon pressure system. It has a multiple plastic layer that confers softness to the band and its bracelet type adjustment brings a mayor comfort to the patient

Inflation device


Flamingo is a high-pressure inflation device intended to exert pressure for balloon catheters inflation, its elemental in every angiography room and it is used in most of the cases. Keeps a compact and ergonomic design which brings a superior performance.

Hemostasis Valve


Guardian II is an hemostasis valve used in catheterization procedures. It’s unique seal and star valve allows the independent management up to five devices.

Hemostatic Patch


It is a non-invasive hemostatic patch that reduces up to 50% of hemostasis time, without producing adverse events.


Difficult Cases


For Difficult Cases where greater system support is required, our GUIDELINER Guide Catheter Extension is the indicated device to facilitate the procedure. Likewise, the SUPERCROSS Coronary Microcatheter with straight or angled tip will allow a simpler and faster cannulation in tortuous anatomies.

Chronic Total Occlusions CTO


We know that the treatment of Chronic Total Occlusions is complicated, so we focus on bringing products to facilitate the crossing and treatment of the same. Our TURNPIKE, TURNPIKE LP and TURNPIKE SPIRAL Coronary Microcatheters, with their beveled tip and internal structure, facilitate the crossing of the CTO. The R350 guidewire which, due to its length, once the lesion is crossed, allows a correct externalization. The ACROSS CTO and ACROSS CTO ST (Short Tip) Coronary Balloons combine the characteristics of a semi-compliant and non-compliant balloon to give you more options in a single balloon, in addition to having the lowest inflow profile in the market at 0.015".

Guide Catheter Extension

 GuideLiner V3


The GuideLiner V3 catheter is a rapid exchange guide catheter extension. Proprietary half-pipe technology sets the GuideLiner® V3 catheter apart. The coil-reinforced extension is designed to allow for secure deep seating for interventional device delivery in distal locations.

Diagnósticos Coronarios



SoftNav hydrophilic catheter of 4 Fr and 5 Fr. For the diagnosis of coronary arteries.



SSS catheter with hydrophilic coating, good maneuverability and good torque.

Fractional Cash Flow Reserve FFR and DPR

Fractional Cash Flow Reserve (FFR)


The ACIST Rxi system is designed to provide hemodynamic data in the diagnosis and treatment of coronary arteries. The system is used in catheterization and in hospitals that have equipment for Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) measurement, it uses ACIST Navvus® is a microcatheter with fiber optic sensor for more accurate measurements.

Automatic Variable Flow Contrast Injection System.

Automatic Variable Flow Contrast Injection System

CVi Injector_edited_edited.jpg

The ACIST CVi Contrast Delivery System simplifies contrast injection for all cardiovascular procedures, both therapeutic and diagnostic, from small injections in the coronary arteries to large volumes in the ventricles and peripheral vasculature.

Difficult Cases and Chronic Total Occlusions.


Coronary balloon for use in chronic total occlusions.


MM 52 - 1 Rev F ACROSS CTO ST RX-2.png

Ridiga-tip coronary balloon for use in chronic occlusions.


Across HP.png

Coronary Balloon for pre- and post-dilatation during primary angioplasty



Coronary Balloon for pre- and post-dilatation with 16 protrusions that increase pressure by 30%.

Sirolimus-eluting stent

Magic Touch 


The MagicTouch is the only coronary balloon medicated with Sirolimus, designed to treat in-stent restenosis and small vessels, it is ideal for treating bifurcation lesions. Thanks to its Nanolute technology, the balloon delivers the drug efficiently with very low drug loss.

Abluminus DES+


Abluminus DES+ is highly effective with a target-specific abluminal coating configuration on the stent and balloon parts. It also uses a biodegradable polymer to achieve longer drug release.


Pronto LP

The Pronto LP (Low Profile) is a catheter for the removal of thrombi in very small blood vessels.

Pronto V4


The Pronto V4 is a catheter for the removal of thrombi in small blood vessels.

Ventricular Support

Impella CP

Impella CP 1_edited.png

Aortic Remodeling



The AMDS hybrid prosthesis is designed for aortic repair, aortic remodeling for patients with acute DeBakey I aortic dissection undergoing surgical repair within 0 to 14 days.



Prosthesis that combines a mechanical On-X valve with an absorbable protein-impregnated polyester graft, Gelweave Valsalva Vascular Prosthesis.

Mitral Repair



Only mechanical valve indicated for INR 1.5-2.0. 
INR can be safely maintained at 1.5 -2.0* in aortic valve patients. On-X. This therapy reduces the risk of bleeding by 60% compared to the standard range of INR 2.0-3.0.


ePTFE prosthesis for mitral chordae tendineae replacement.

Surgical Adhesive


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